Syntax search is here!

We have introduced the Syntax Search feature to browse through the entire combo list in the Strategies screen. Additionally, the new Range tab is now accessible at any time, allowing you to view all the combos in your entire range, that have been filtered using the suit buttons, the matrix, categories or the Syntax Search bar.

You can check all the syntax and operators supported here or download our manual: Syntax search Manual

During Preflop, we’ve also introduced a new visualization option for the combo list: Isomorphic. When activated, this option groups the combos rather than displaying the entire list. You will see relevant combinations in blue for the first suit, or red for the second. Non-meaningful suits are always displayed in black.

We have also added a new Landing screen, where you can see the news, and configure your game to access the Replayer and Strategies browser.

On the Replayer side, we’ve made some improvements to the upload parser, that enabled support for iPoker XML format.

If you find any bug, please let us know though the email, discord or Report issue form in the app (under the “?” section). We will reward you with 2 weeks Elite subscription.

Your feedback is always welcome! It helps us improve the product and make it more useful for you.

The FlopHero team