New Matrix features are here!

Hey guys!

We are releasing a couple of cool updates to FlopHero today. They will change the way you use the app and will help you refine your strategies better, with the help from our amazing Matrix.


1. Choose any suit button combination: Until now, you could only pick one suit level at a time. Now, mix it up! You can click and select on any combination of 1, 2, 3 or all of the 4 suit level buttons, to see at the same time any different suited possibilities for your chosen hand. The matrix it’s way more flexible and informative without losing any speed.


2. Better rank selection: You know how you used to pick the top two ranks and only see displayed the combos below? Not anymore! You now can pick any two cards, and we’ll show you all the 4 cards combination that are including them. That will make easier to answers all kind of questions, like for example:

  • How do I play any hand with JT when the board is AT2?

  • Can I raise from UTG all hands with a pocket pair of 99?


3. Replayer beta: And that’s not all, our hand replayer GTO tool is nearly ready and it’s turning out amazing. Eager for an early preview and help us testing? Email us at [email protected] or reach us on our Discord community, we are allowing some selected users to have a peek at it.

Hope you love these changes as much as we do, check them out at: