Introducing Filters

We are introducing our latest feature: a robust filtering system to review your hands database in FlopHero. This new functionality allows users to filter through all their hands based on three main criteria, each with its own tab: general game conditions, specific spots, and hand types.

You will be able to access them from the Replayer screen, using the reporting tabs and clicking on the + symbol. Each added filter can be easily removed from the query without opening again the popup.


General: This tab will let you customize your filters to match the game setup, including the stack size, number of players, blind levels, and game type. You can also filter out the errors and the street where you are making them, and also if you have won or lost a big pot.


Spot: Identify and isolate hands based on particular preflop or postflop spots, such as Single Raised Pots, Blind vs Blind, or certain positions at the table for the Hero or Villains. We are also able to find where the Hero is going All-in or if a hand reaches showdown or any street.


Hand: Filter any of your uploaded hands by their specific types, such as pocket pairs, suited connectors, or high-card hands, and also by the type of suitedness in hand, like all Double Suited, Rainbow, etc. You can combine both type of filters to drill down even more.


With these advanced filters, you can gain a comprehensive view of your poker performance and the leaks within your main strategy, enabling you to refine your play, exploit opponents’ weaknesses, and ultimately improve your win rate. Take your game to the next level with our new filtering system, let us know if you find them useful!