How to get your hand histories

Welcome to FlopHero, where we’re excited to introduce the market’s first GTO Replayer exclusively designed for Omaha. To maximize its potential with your personal playing history, you’ll need to retrieve and download your hands first.

This article will guide you in locating and exporting your hand histories as a text file, from various poker trackers and most of the poker sites we currently support.


How do I export hands from a Tracker/HUD?

A Poker Tracker is a type of software application used by poker players to collect and analyze data from their games. It stores detailed records of all poker hands played in a database and provides a real-time display of statistics (HUD) over the table interface.

If you usually play online while having a tracker open, the program will move the text file hands from the casino to their own folder. You should also be able to export hands from your database.

PokerTracker 4

Export hands:

1- To export hands from PT4, select menu option Database -> Export hands

2- Then select the session you want to export, select “Export hands“, save the file (as .txt). Watch the video tutorial HERE or read this GUIDE.

3- Alternatively you could export the hands from the table list of hands in the advanced mode.

Local Hands:

To find hands grabbed from casinos, you should go to your windows user folder and the configuration folder of PT4, usually with the following folder structure:

“C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\PokerTracker 4\Processed”


Holdem Manager

Export hands:

1- Open the Database Manager and select “Export“. Watch their video guide

2- Select the session you want to export, select “Export hands“, save the file (as .txt). You can check their tutorial HERE.

Local Hands:

You should go the folder where Holdem Manager stores your hands, default folder should be: “C:\HM2Archive”



Export hands:

1- Go to the Reports section

2- Select the nickname of the player, choose some date range. You could also specify other filters

3- Right-click on the results and select “Export all hands

4- In the next window, choose an export path and click “Select Folder“. The export process will begin

You can check a tutorial  Here

Local hands:

You can configure the the folder but is usually located at: “C:\Hand2NoteHh”


Poker Copilot

Export hands:

1- You can export your data by choosing File -> Export… from the menu

2- When you click on the “Export…” button, you will be prompted to choose a location and filename for your exported data.

3- Select “Export as hand history files“, then the export process will create text files that will be saved to your hard drive.



Export hands:

1- Select the hands you want, for multiple hands at once Press CTRL + click at the same time.

2- Or you can right-click on a session in sessions report and “Export to 3rd party app” to get all hands. You can do this for any report really including overall (to get all of your hands exported).

3- This exports your hands in the appropiate Casino text format, which can be uploaded to Flop Hero replayer, if it’s a poker site supported.


How do I export hands from a Poker Site?


Each casino has its own way of storing the hands you play, but most of them require first for the user to activate the option to save them locally. Then you have to find the windows folder and grab the hands from there.

Conversely, you could ask them to send you your hand histories from a certain period of play, they will send them by email.



  • 1- From the PokerStars lobby, click on Options -> Instant Hand history Options
  • 2- Activate Save My Hands History
  • 3- Please note or copy the default location where PokerStars is saving your hand histories under the section “Where To Save”
  • 4- Click OK to save the settings
  • 5- Go to the location of your hand histories and find the txt files inside, upload them to FlopHero
  • You can read PokerStars guide to download their hand histories Here


GG Poker

  • 1- Select Pokercraft in the bottom right corner
  • 2- Select the type of game whose hands you’re trying to export
  • 3- Select the HH date ranges
  • 4- Select ALL and click on “Download

You can read GG Poker guide to download their hand histories Here

You can read a guide to import GG hands into a poker tracker Here




How to get your hand histories Winning Poker Networ (America’s Card Room)


1- Hand histories from AmericasCardRoom (ACR) client are saved by default in “C:\AmericasCardroom\handHistory” directory.

2- To check it, do the following:

    • Open AmericasCardRoom client
  • Click on “Game Info” at the top menu
  • Click on “View Hand History
  • Click the “Options” button at the bottom of the appeared window
  • Check the “Save Hand History” checkbox and “Destination folder” values

You can read ACR guide to download their hand histories Here



How to get your hand histories iPoker

1- You must configure the iPoker client to save hand histories to a designated directory on your hard drive.

2- To save your Hand Histories on iPoker, do the following:

  • From the iPoker lobby, click on My Account -> Settings and go to the General section
  • Check Store Hand History Locally
  • Please note the default location where iPoker is saving your hand histories
  • The default location is %appdata%\Local\<iPoker Client>\data\<Screenname>\History\Data
  • where <iPoker Client> is the name of the iPoker client you have installed and <Screenname> is your screenname in the iPoker client




How to get your hand histories Unibet

  • 1- Choose your game format and click on the History sub-tab
  • 2- Find the hand histories you want to export
  • 3- Click on the copy icon (circled in screenshot). Your hand history is copied to the clipboard.
  • 4- Either paste directly into FlopHero or save it in a text file then upload.

How to get your hand histories Winamax

By default, Winamax automatically stores hand history files in the “Winamax folder“, located in “My Documents“. If this folder does not already exist, it will be created after the first hand is played. Winamax does not provide a method of changing the location of the hand history folder.

Default paths:

  • Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Winamax Poker\Accounts\WINAMAX USER NAME\History
  • Mac: ~/Documents/Winamax Poker

How to get your hand histories 888

1- Go to the User Settings screen and choose the Game settings tab, and the Hand History option.

2- To save all of your hand history, check the Save My Hand History box.

3- Once this option is enabled, every hand you play will be saved in the destination folder. Go to that location and copy the txt files.


How to get your hand histories PartyPoker

  • 1- Click on the drop down arrow next to the avatar and then on “My Game
  • 2- Click on “Export Hands
  • 3- Select the time period that the hands were played

You can read PartyPoker guide to download their hand histories Here



In FlopHero we support all major poker sites. If you don’t see your favorite site here on this list, let us know on our Discord server.

If we support a Casino that is not in this list, probably is because you need a hand converter to get the hands, ask us for support.

If you can’t figure out how to get your hands, then we recommend contacting the poker site support team via email. Most poker rooms have a dedicated support team that will help you or send you your hand histories by email.

Enjoy the only Omaha GTO replayer on the market FlopHero