Preflop update

Hello to all FlopHero users, we are releasing an important update today that significantly enhances the speed and usability of our app. Additionally, we are taking the initial step towards making detailed postflop strategies available for everyone.


What’s new

These are the most relevant features we have implemented in this new Flop Hero version:


  • Rush & Cash games support! Our Solutions library only included regular GG cash games up to this version, so we have just added all stack sizes for the Rush games. The postflop strategies for those Rush games will have the complete rake structure, having deducted the 1bb to pay for the Jackpot (for 30bb or bigger pots) but also the 0.5bb to pay for the Cash Drops. We will be releasing very soon the complete postflop strategies for Rush and also including the exciting Cash Drops spots with their complete solutions.


  • We are now handling the rake in FlopHero as no other poker solver is doing, as we are going to distinguish between the different rake structures for each online casino.
    • We could now take the rake from the pot after each street is finished, like they actually do at Pokerstars and ACR among others. That way the maximum bet size (pot) each round is smaller, because the pot is updated after every street. This is how the rake actually works in GG or live play, and how the other solvers has usually worked, substracting the rake only after a hand is finished so the final resulting pot is bigger.
    • We are also computing the 1bb of extra rake that GG charges to all pots with more than 30bb to pay for the Jackpot, and which makes the resulting postflop strategies tighter in big pots.
    • This rake deduction from pots will now be easily traceable from the “State info” section as we have added there the “Rake” value next to the “Pot”, which are updated accordingly after every action is taken through the hand or at the end of a hand, depending on the Casino.


  • As a gift to all users, we have extended the maximum boards per day for all plans, including the free ones. Additionally, we have made the essential plan available for free to all users until the end of October.


What’s been improved

We have increased the overall speed of the app, specially for the preflop round where the responses would feel almost instant. This is due to our new database which also allows us to replace or retrain easily any scenario that could contain an error. Please feel free to report to us any strategy you think has a bug on it.


FlopHero future

For our next versions, we plan to release many more amazing features that we have in our internal roadmap, along the lines of:


  • In the days ahead, we will be releasing the most comprehensive postflop strategies available on the market, with at least 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and Pot for each street (including river), for all stack sizes from 10bb up to 200bb and all rake levels. Initially only heads up pots (2 players) are going to be available, and 3 player strategies will be coming next.


  • Unveiling the new GTO Плеер, where you will be able to upload your hand histories and compare your plays against the best recommended moves, helping you identify spots where you’re losing EV and allowing you to replay your actions.


  • Grouping the combo list in a Hand Categories tab, based on their postflop strength, allowing the user to filter through them easily.


  • Updating the rake configuration menu to cover Pokerstars cash games and Live games blind structure. We will be able to show strategies with straddle, ante or blinds with the same value like 5$/5$/10$, plus the special Cash Drops games from GG.


  • Selecting different “Open Raise” as the starting raise size for any solution and not just opening with a pot bet as default.


Stay tuned and good luck at the tables!

Flop Hero staff