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Frequently Asked Questions

Flop Hero stands out with two distinct features:

Revolutionary Proprietary Technology: The core of Flop Hero is its innovative, proprietary technology for poker solving. This groundbreaking system outperforms competitors by providing an order of magnitude more solutions, granting users access to a complete set of GTO strategies with multiple bet sizes at each street, while covering all possible boards and spots for any number of players, even 6 players going to the flop. 

Personalized and Flexible Approach: Our app is thoughtfully designed to be adaptable, offering exceptional personalization tailored to poker players of all expertise levels. It features an easy-to-use, visually appealing interface for the novice player but also gives the more advanced user the best solutions on the market.

While traditional solvers and apps could seem complex and more suited for advanced players, they are a valuable tool for intermediate or beginner players looking to improve their power knowledge.
Our emphasis is on delivering an application that is visually intuitive and user-friendly for newcomers, yet powered by the most sophisticated GTO algorithms. This approach ensures that players of all skill levels can quickly and effectively gain valuable insights into their gameplay.
A GTO solver is a software tool that helps poker players find optimal strategies based on game theory principles. It analyzes all scenarios and inputs to determine the most balanced and profitable actions in different situations, no matter what your opponent strategies are. 
It works by using advanced reinforcement learning algorithms to analyze trillions of poker hands and its possible outcomes. Then it calculates the expected value (EV) of each potential action by playing against itself, and learns what’s the best strategy to maximize profit and minimize losses in the long run.

Flop Hero is designed to improve your decision-making in poker by offering insights into the best strategies derived from game theory. By grasping the GTO baseline strategy for each situation, you can easily spot deviations by your opponents and exploit their weaknesses while also making you unexploitable yourself. Mastering hand reading and executing profitable moves is fundamental to a prosperous poker career.

No, we do not employ any commercially available solver tools like Monkersolver, GTO+, DeepSolver or PioSolver. Instead, we rely on our unique, proprietary solver technology.

However, it’s crucial to highlight that we have extensively benchmarked our solutions against those offered by these commercial solvers. The results consistently reveal that our solutions are on par, or even superior in every scenario we’ve tested.

Our innovative technology enables us to compute all 1,755 possible flop scenarios simultaneously, meaning that we can offer comprehensive solutions for every flop spot, along with their 49 potential turn and 48 river card outcomes.

Indeed, we are the only solver on the market capable to handle any number of players progressing through the flop, turn, or river.

Facing a tough scenario with 6 players going to the flop, in a Single Raised Pot with 200 blinds behind? We can guide you on the optimal way to play it.

All of them. As with the boards, with our cutting-edge technology we don’t need to train each postflop spot separately. Instead, we instantly provide solutions for any conceivable set of preflop actions, immediately available for the user.

We also offer an enhanced version of all postflop scenarios involving two or three players, featuring more bet sizes and greater detail.

Traditionally, solving complex postflop strategies required limiting players to only one large bet size per street. However, in Flop Hero, we’ve gone beyond this limitation. We’ve resolved every conceivable situation with at least two different bet sizes for the flop, and one each for the turn and river.

Additionally, for all two-player and three-player postflop scenarios, we offer the following bet sizes:

  • Single Raised Pot, Limped pot, Rol Pot: 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, Pot
  • 3 Bet Pots, Squeeze Pots, Blind vs Blind: 1/5, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, Pot
  • 4 Bet Pots, Cold 4Bet Pots: 1/10, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, Pot

No, you don’t need a high-performance PC or any solver license to use our app.

Flop Hero runs entirely within your browser, eliminating the need for extra software. This allows you to use our app on any computer, smartphone or tablet, from any location.

Choosing any Flop Hero paid plan grants you full access to the selected membership completely free for the first 7 days. Billing will only start after the free trial period concludes, when you will be charged the monthly or annual rate for your chosen plan, and your membership will continue to renew automatically.

We have created a detailed guide to download your hands played from all major poker sites and software trackers. 

Visit our blog post:

Using a solver in real-time during online poker play is generally against the rules of most poker platforms and can lead to penalties, including account bans. Flop Hero should be used as a study tool to improve your poker skills outside of actual gameplay.
Exploitative plays focus on exploiting opponents’ weaknesses and tendencies, while GTO strategies aim to make unexploitable plays based on game theory.
Using GTO is the perfect solution against strong or unknown opponents, while using an exploitative approach could be more effective against weaker players with observable suboptimal patterns, but you have to be cautious about not letting yourself to be exploited. When in doubt, always play balanced with a GTO approach.

Our app offers detailed recommendations for any scenario, such as when to call, fold, or bet, including the frequency of these actions and their expected value (EV). To effectively implement GTO strategies, start by studying the suggested ranges, actions, and frequencies in the most common situations.

Practice these strategies in low-stakes games or study sessions to build familiarity. Then, gradually incorporate these tactics into your gameplay, adjusting your approach based on the playing styles of your opponents and the dynamics of the game.

It is essential to regularly update and adjust your GTO strategies to stay ahead of your competition. As the poker metagame evolves and players become more skilled, continuing to study and adapt your game is crucial for long-term success.
Review your results and refresh your strategies periodically by using our app, paying special attention to your performance in different scenarios and always look for areas to improve.
While using Flop Hero can improve your decision-making and help you develop a strong, unexploitable poker strategy, it does not guarantee inmediate success.
Poker is a game of skill but has a strong luck factor, your performance may vary due to factors such as focus, experience, emotional control and most of all variance, especially in Omaha. However, consistently applying GTO strategies can increase your chances of long-term success.

Every set of board cards dealt per street counts as a separate board. This implies that if the limit is 5 boards, they could be used to study 5 distinct flops with any 3 cards, or 2 flops plus 1 turn and 2 river cards, or any other combination.

The board count for each user is reset every day at 12am (midnight) GMT.

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