Strength categories available now

A broader view of all different GTO strategies in poker is crucial for any player looking to improve their gameplay, as it opens the door to a more flexible approach but also sharpens their decision-making skills away from the tables. With a deeper strategic understanding, Omaha players can make more informed, calculated decisions while playing but also anticipate and predict opponents’ moves, to create counterplays for them.

Here in FlopHero we are aware of how valuable for learning and growth is to have access to not just specific strategies based on the holecards you are holding, like the information we are currently showing at the Matrix, but also having the big picture in mind for all your range.

So we are releasing a new section to show the hand strength categories for each player, during flop, turn or river streets. Now along our current displaying of matrix strategies, we added 2 more layers of information. The new tab “Strength” with the display of all hand strength buckets, and the tab “Range” where the user can select and browse through all the combos inside each category.


We have published an extensive post explaining how it works and how we clasify all the combos, here:

We invite all users to explore and utilize this new beta feature for a better experience using our app. Please give us any feedback and suggestions for further improvements on this strength categorization.

Enjoy it for free on FlopHero