Postflop strategies available

The day you’ve all been eagerly awaiting has arrived! We are thrilled to announce that we have just launched the detailed postflop strategies in Flop Hero, unveiling the most complete solutions on the market.

What’s new

  • We have covered the most common heads up spots in Omaha, with the most frequent bet sizes used for any of the 3 streets: Flop, Turn, and River.
    • All streets postflop will now show a minimum of: 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and Pot sizes.
    • 3Bet pots have an extra 1/5 bet size available on the flop, and 4Bet pots are including a 1/10 of the pot. Both of these sizings are widely used by the solver, so you will have to learn how to implement them in your game.
    • On the Flop, the strategies will now have 2 raise sizes, to 1/2 and Pot. Turn and River there will be only one size, a raise to the Pot.


  • The following postflop scenarios are now available, for any possible combination of positions, stack size or number of players:
    • Small blind vs Big blind
    • Single raised pot of 2 players
    • 3Bet pot of 2 players
    • 4Bet pot of 2 players
    • Cold 4Bet pot of 2 players
    • Squeeze pot vs the initial raiser or the caller.

FlopHero future

In the days ahead, we will release all remaining rake configurations, followed by the game-changing introduction of three-player scenarios. The addition of multiway strategies is surely poised to revolutionize how poker players approach Omaha.

Don’t hesitate, check out these new strategies for yourself today!

Flop Hero staff